Will it fit on my boat?



Yes, if you have a 60 x 25mm flat area anywhere on the waterline of your boat.*



Where will it fit on my boat?




Anatec Catamaran

- Rear section

'Old' version Lakestar

- Rear section*


- Rear section


- Rear section (trim boat locking pad to size)


- Rear section


- Above either propeller guard, just under the rim

Standard Bait Boat

- Side

Trend Micro

- Rear section

Viper Mk II and Mk III

- Above either impeller

Viper Icon

- Above either impeller

Viper X-Range

- Rear section

Waverunner Mk III

- Centre rear section

Waverunner Atom

- Rear section either side of hook drop mechanism

Waverunner Shuttle

-Above either propeller guard 
Navigator Maveric- Rear section either side
























*Please note


Does not work on the latest model of Lakestar with the 433MHz handset