About Us



Welcome to Horizon Fish Finders, where we unlock the secrets in your lake.


In these challenging times where disposable income is being squeezed, Horizon Fish Finders provides an entry level, no frills, wireless fish finder that can be attached to or detached from any bait boat at the click of a bracket.


If you find yourself questioning the need to spend many hundreds of pounds or splitting the hull of your boat then Horizon Fish Finders is the choice for you.


We started back in 2011 by making a modified sonar for our own use. Someone saw it and offered to buy it immediately, which they did.


That money was used to make three units and two went for sale on an auction site – they sold immediately and Horizon Fish Finders was born.


We now have thousands of satisfied customers and our continuing mission is to always have a finder pack that suits your needs at a reasonable price.


Our wireless sonar technology is an essential tool for modern anglers, offering a range of up to 400 meters.


Whether you’re tackling large gravel pits or small fisheries, Horizon Fish Finders helps you place your bait strategically, targeting Carp, Catfish, Pike and more.


Explore lake contours, depth, water temperature, and fish locations.


Our exclusive eesi-klik bracket simplifies sonar attachment to your boat.


Choose from our range, including the Standard Finder, Standard Plus, Standard Plus Colour, and Castable Finders, catering to various budgets and fishing styles.


Fish smarter with Horizon Fish Finders!