Taking the best features from the reliable Standard Finder and adding new ones to the StandardPlus+ is a great step-up and a welcome addition to the Horizon Fish Finders stable!


High resolution screen - Although the StandardPlus+ is the same overall size as the Standard receiver, the screen resolution has been increased from 128x64 to 132x132 pixels - a big improvement on clarity and ease of use.


4 - Level greyscale - The StandardPlus+ can show the difference between the most and least dense objects on the bottom of the lake. For example, weed and detritus (chod) can appear light grey on top of compacted clay or gravel which displays as black.


No battery changes - the StandardPlus+ has a rechargeable battery and comes to you complete with both mains and car socket chargers - saving you money and the hassle of carrying spare batteries.


Improved levels of control - Expanded menu options give you more control over the sonar's performance and the StandardPlus+ has a zoom feature that now adds to the clarity of the display.


Integral receiver antenna - It sits safely inside the unit when not in use and when extended gives the same maximum 400m range as the Standard Finder


The StandardPlus+ comes with the proven Horizon Fish Finders sonar, eesi-klik bracket and locking pads which allow you to fit the sonar to virtually all makes of bait boat. The mounting kit is supplied FREE with every purchase along with a free spare sonar battery.


In your finder pack you will receive;


  • Receiver
  • Receiver mounting kit
  • Sonar and eesi-klik bracket
  • Sonar antenna
  • 2 locking pads
  • Mains charger
  • Car charger
  • Charging lead
  • Spare sonar battery (cr2032)
  • Instruction manual
  • Fitting your eesi-klik bracket leaflet
  • Product information and suggested settings leaflet


Great value, great features and sure to be a great asset to your fishing


Unlock the secrets in your lake with Horizon Fish Finders





United Kingdom - £134.99

EU countries - £139.99

Outside UK or EU - £154.99 




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