After extensive testing, the eesi-klik bracket is available for all Horizon Sonars that were previously mounted in a cradle.


Simply trap the eesi-klik bracket between the sonar antenna thread and the antenna, 'kilk' the bracket to your boat and away you go!


Simple, neat and pleasing to the eye, the eesi-klik sytem also reduces drag so the boat is less likely to be pulled to one side during use.


Attach the 2 locking pads provided, vertically, side by side wherever convenient on your boat (inside the front catamaran bow, on the rear corner - it's up to you) making sure that the bottom of the locking pads are just on or just above the waterline of an empty boat (fitted with the batteries, of course).


You have the full height of the two locking pads to adjust the position that you attach the eesi-klik bracket to allow for the weight of bait added to your boat.


If you're worried about knocking your sonar off the boat when fishing under overhanging bushes and trees, just run a small piece of braid from the handy attachment hole on the bracket to a fixing point on your boat.


Don't worry if your sonar is below the water, so long as the battery cap is securely tightened, it's completely waterproof.


You can customise your bracket too - full instructions with every finder pack.


It really is that 'eesi'...