This latest upgrade to the Standardplus+ Finder brings  colour to the display making your life easier when looking  for those hard to find bottom features.



 The Standardplus+ Colour comes with the well   proven Horizon Fish Finders sonar, eesi-klik   bracket, antenna and locking pads which allow you to fit   the sonar onto virtually all makes of  bait boat.


 As with the Standardplus+ finder, the colour version   comes with an integral lithium ion battery, mains usb   charger, 12v usb charger and a usb charging cable. The battery will last over 24 hours of continuous use.


The Standardplus+ Colour can help you to find those elusive, small indentations on the bottom of the lake that are often missed when using a marker float set-up.


When set at eye level using a storm pole (not included) and the mounting kit provided you can expect a maximum range of 200m.


If you already own a Standardplus+ (monochrome) receiver and want to upgrade to the Colour version, you can find one here




In your finder pack you will receive:

  • Colour screen Receiver 
  • Receiver mounting kit 
  • Sonar
  • Eesi-klik bracket 
  • Sonar antenna 
  • Locking pads 
  • Spare sonar battery (cr2032)
  • mains USB Charger 
  • USB lead 
  • 12v USB charger
  • Instruction manual 
  • Eesi-klik bracket fitting and customisation leaflet 
  • Product and suggested settings leaflets




Unlock the secrets in your lake with

Horizon Fish Finders


Price - including postage 


United Kingdom - £149.99

EU countries - £154.99 

Outside UK or EU - £164.99 


In stock!