So none of the waters you fish allow bait boats...


...That's no problem because you can buy a castable finder pack from Horizon Fish Finders!


The castable pack includes all the goodies you get with the modified sonar version but with the castable sonar.


Everything you need to get you down the lake or river and feature finding is included with this pack, even the batteries.


You will receive

  • castable sonar with battery already inserted
  • spare sonar battery
  • receiver with AAA batteries already inserted
  • receiver antenna
  • mounting kit for the receiver*
  • product information sheet
  • suggested settings sheet
  • instruction manual

If you click your receiver onto the mounting kit supplied on the top of a long storm pole, you could get a range of up to 100 metres in calm conditions.



*You just have to add your own storm pole.






Price - including postage


United Kingdom - £74.99

EU countries - £74.99

Not UK or EU - £89.99


                  - POSTAL REGION -

Unlock the secrets in your lake with

Horizon Fish Finders