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Horizon Fish Finders offers you the best after-market wireless fish finders for Carp, Pike and specimen fishing and they fit virtually every make of bait boat.


Using wireless sonar technology, they represent an essential part of fishing tackle for the modern angler. 


Whether you like to catch fish from huge windswept gravel pits to small commercial fisheries, Horizon Fish Finders can help you put your bait in the right place.


They can perform up 400 metres when attached to a bait boat, helping you to determine the best place to drop your baits and catch that special fish - Carp, Catfish, Pike, Zander, even big Bream, Tench, Perch and Eels


These finders can display the bottom contours of the lake, show the depth and temperature of the water and locate fish.


Bait boats offer a facinating insight to the underwater contours, snags and holding areas in your lake when coupled with a Horizon Fish Finder.


Use your Horizon Fish Finder for swim mapping, feature finding, continental fishing trips and more


One of the great features of the Horizon Fish Finder is that it can greatly assist mid-water fishing (zig rigs) by showing the depth and size of fish targets off the bottom of the lake. Predator anglers have known this for years and now Carp anglers are catching up - FAST!


With the advent of the latest Zig Bug artificial baits, mid-water fishing for carp has become the fastest growing area of the sport - get ahead of the game by knowing the depth to set your rigs before you even cast into the lake! 







Introducing the eesi-klik bracket for attaching your sonar to your boat.


No cradle, so neat! - just fix the eesi-klik bracket to your boat using the locking pads provided, screw the antenna into place on the sonar and you're ready to go.




 Horizon Fish Finders offer a great range to cover both your budget and your fishing style.



The Standard Finder - £113.99 - in stock


The original Horizon Finder package that uses an eesi-klik bracket to attach the sonar to your boat. Light and compact, it's the pefect companion for mobile anglers who carry their kit. Perfect for long range feature finding. Range up to 400m


The StandardPlus+ - £134.99 - in stock

The receiver boasts a stunning array of features including 4-level grey scale, rechargeable batteries and a higher definition screen. Range up to 400m


The Standardplus+ Colour £149.99 - in stock


It's the same receiver as the Standardplus+ but with a colour screen. Weed now shows up as green, when detected, with the contour plotting from right to left, as usual. Range up to 200m


The Castable Finder - £74.99 - in stock


If you don't own or aren't allowed to use a bait boat, never fear because Horizon Fish Finders have the answer. Range up to 100m, cast up to 40m.


The CastablePlus+ - £94.99 - in stock


The receiver boasts a array of stunning features including 4-level grey scale, rechargeable batteries and a higher definition screen. Range up to 100m, cast up to 40m



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"These finders are amazing! Don't be put off by the low price it's fantasic it really is!" - Baz


"I have got to say its the dogs danglers" - Lyndon B


"Save yourself hundreds!" - Jamie A


"Anyone looking for a fish finder for their existing boat, or new one, should check out Horizon." - Will W



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