Horizon Fish Finders presents the Deluxe Finder with 4-level greyscale




Coupled with the Horizon modified sonar, the New Deluxe finder offers a high resolution 100mm screen with 4-level greyscale.

The sonar beam that bounces off the bottom is analysed and shown on the screen in 4 different shades.

In 'Structure ID' mode, the most dense bottom features are black with the least dense showing as light grey. You can see weed and silt layers on top of harder bottom features. Better still, if you choose 'Inverse' mode, the weed and silt shows up as dark and is very easy to see.

There's still two more modes to choose - a simple all black display or whitescale - you can use those too.


The battery carrier from the old Deluxe unit has gone, so the power supply is via a small 12v battery, supplied with every purchase*.

We also supply a 12v battery charger with every UK purchase.

The Deluxe Finder comes with a bankstick adapter which allows you to set up your receiver on a tall bank stick or storm pole. With the receiver set at eye-level, you have a hands free, easy to see screen allowing you to keep both hands on your bait boat transmitter.


 "Took delivery of my Deluxe Finder two weeks ago and have just put it through its paces against my mates 'market leading bait boat' with factory fitted finder. The Deluxe Finder came back with flying colours, i.e. depth, detail & range. In fact, I consider it to be better as it shows water temperature and has four choices of bottom detail which the factory fitted one doesn't. I don't usually like recommending products, but for value for money, build quality & service, anyone looking for a fish finder for their existing boat, or new one, should check out Horizon." - Will W


Unlock the secrets in your lake with Horizon Fish Finders


Deluxe Finder pack consists of:


Deluxe receiver

power lead

12v battery (UK only)*

12v battery charger (UK only)*

Modified sonar

eesi-klik bracket


2 spare cr2032 batteries*

2 sets of locking pads

Product manual

Product information sheet

Suggested settings sheet

eesi-klick fitting instructions


*WE ARE UNABLE TO SEND BATTERIES OUTSIDE THE UK. You will have to purchase a battery in your Country - 12v 1.2Ah.



Price - including postage


 United Kingdom - £244.99

EU countries - £234.99

(no battery)

Outside UK or EU - £239.99

(no battery)


(Delivery is usually 5 - 7 working days from payment as finder packs are made up to order)


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