Suggested settings for your STANDARD fish finder




Light  ‘off – on’


Decide which best suits the natural lighting. Light on = fast battery drain


Sensitivity  ‘1 – 5’


Set this to 3 as your starting figure. If the water is extremely clear with virtually no suspended solids and little weed growth then you can put this setting up to 4. The time to turn the sensitivity down is when you get multiple targets showing on the screen from pieces of weed and other suspended solids in the water. This most often happens in, or just after, windy conditions. After the lake has been churned up. We’ve also had problems after spawning with shoals of fry.


Depth range  ‘auto - 5  10  20  30  40m    auto - 15  30  60  90 120ft’


If you’re using your finder and the screen resets and starts plotting afresh from the right hand side of the screen then you’re using the auto setting. This can be annoying and confusing. We recommend that you set the depth range to just beyond the maximum depth in your swim. If the swim’s maximum depth is 13ft then set the depth range to 15ft. If the maximum depth is 21ft, set the depth range to 30ft and so on. If you set the depth range at, for example, 15ft and you go into 16ft of water, the bottom plot will disappear from the bottom of the screen.


Zoom ‘off - 5  10  20  30  40m    off - 15  30  60  90  120ft’


This feature is designed for deep water fishing and has no real use on the back of a bait boat. Set it to ‘off’ and forget about it.


Depth alarm  ‘auto  5  10  20  30  40m   auto  15  30  60  90  120ft’


Unless you’ve attached your cradle to a full size boat and don’t want to drag the propeller on the bottom always have this one switched off. If your receiver starts bleeping and shows ‘depth alarm’ on the screen, you’ve got this switched on.


Fish alarm  ‘off -  big fish -  big and medium fish’


If you want to have the receiver bleep when it finds a big fish / big and medium sized fish choose the appropriate icon, otherwise leave it off.


Fish icon  ‘off - on’


If you have the Fish Icon set to on, then, as expected, fish symbols appear on the screen. If you don’t, you get the opportunity to decipher the returned signal for yourself. As you become more able to interpret the signals on the screen, you‘ll find that you switch this to ‘off’


Chart speed  ‘1 – 4’


We like the chart to run as fast as possible. It’s just our personal preference.


Depth unit  ‘ft - m’


‘Old skool’ or metric taught? Your choice.


Tempe unit  ‘C- F’


Same as depth unit, your choice.