HN-20 Boilies



Prepared using the highest grade crushed and ground Tiger nuts, Peanuts and Brazils then blended with top quality milk proteins and liquid liver.


This incredible bait also includes Hazel nut oil, Coconut, Coconut milk, GLM and Hemp oil plus a few special extras unique to this bait.


We've been testing this bait for some time to get it just right and have caught fish up to 48lb in the UK and 75lb abroad.


Up your confidence levels with Horizon Fish Finders' HN-20


6mm Freezer Bait
12mm Freezer Bait
15mm Freezer Bait
18mm Freezer Bait
6mm Shelf life
12mm Shelf life
15mm Shelf life
18mm Shelf life



The same flavours, attractors and taste enhancers as the boilies on our pop-up basemix. Perfect for chods, they stay buoyant for long periods. Each pot contains approximately 30 pop-ups in a mix of 12 and 16mm



HN-20 Pop-ups