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10th of July 2014 08:54 AM by Pete Naylor
Bought a standard plus earlier this year. Took it to France. This is an incredible piece of kit. Wouldn't have caught half the fish I did I without it. Also the service you receive is second to none . Order one day, get it the next. Can't say enough about this company. Top class
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13th of June 2014 01:42 PM by Robert Bentham
Standard plus finder arrived today. Only ordered it yesterday. Really quick delivery,well inside the 24 hour delivery time. Really can't wait to use it. Thanks a great deal to horizon! Will post when used the finder!
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19th of May 2014 12:55 PM by CHRIS KENNEDY
Need to echo the previous comments, absolutely top class piece of kit....doubles the use of your bait boat,,,,,i ordered the standard plus and used it last weekend....doddle to fit with clear instructions and found an underwater ledge under trees where catfish were laying up and couple of hours later one fell to the correctly placed bait and a 24.14 cat was in the net. did all i hoped it would and more. Mike is a top bloke, very helpful and customer service is excellent. do not hesitate to buy from him......its rare to find something theses days that just 'works' and i fully believe that if there were any problems at all , that he would help solve them.....get one'll love it!!!!!
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17th of May 2014 05:51 PM by Bob
Just a word to say brilliant customer service. Had a small problem with my order and was amazed to have it sorted in less than 24 hours, don't get service like that in many places. Will let you know how product performs when I've given it a good go.
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15th of May 2014 11:08 PM by Chris Jarvis website:
Received my standardplus finder last week, fitted it to my Microcat and tested it out today on a local lake
Amazed by the accuracy and clarity of the unit, my best friend came with me to test and was very impressed and said he will be getting one immediately
Will be using in two weeks time in France and am sure the unit will be of immense importance to get to grip with the lakes features
Regards Chris
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6th of January 2014 03:44 PM by Remi Niels
I've bought and tried the standard plus fishfinder.
The delivery was very quick. I'm from the Netherlands and i have the finder in a couple of days. I've tried the finder and it works perfect, so keep on doing this!

many greets, Remi from the Netherlands
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4th of June 2013 12:44 PM by Paul G
Excellent service and a wonderful bit of kit. I suffer from heart disease and C.O.P.D. , continual casting to find depths and features aswell as spodding is not an option for me. Attached to my Anatec boat this piece of kit is dynamite !
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18th of March 2013 11:11 AM by Alan Wimpenny
Finally been on the water, got to say this is an amazing piece of kit. Buying this I have saved an awful lot of money. I have had numerous fish finders in the past but this is the tops for me. Great piece of kit and super fast service. Thank you very much Mike.
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17th of January 2013 04:49 PM by Andy Surtees
I bought the standard fishfinder and very quickly found how good it was. I took it to a lake I know well and it not only found features I knew but things I didn't and my first session resulted in 7 fish from a shelf I knew was there but not how it changed at one point. 6 of my 7 fish came from that spot. Thing is, as good as the finder is you should judge a product/company on when things go wrong. I changed the battery in the yellow sonar and mistakenly refitted the cover allowing water to get in. So my fault. I contacted Mike to ask for advice as I'd previously bought a spare yellow sonar thinking I could cast it on a none bait boat lake. Mike suggested I package everything up and send it to him. I posted it Monday and by Thursday morning I had a upgraded fully working sonar returned.
Excellent customer service and thank you!
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2nd of November 2012 12:29 PM by John Williams
I got my Deluxe Fishfinder 2 weeks ago and tested it this morning for the first time. It's the dogs. Trust me I've had a few different finders and this is by far the best I've had. I phoned Mike and told him it was 'kin awsome and it is found fish within 10 mins of being on the lake.
Trust this finder it's awesome!
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7th of September 2012 01:37 AM by Mark,Burnley,lancs
Hi Mike,tried out fish finder today went to local lake sent boat out to opposite bank to where i know the features on bottom very well (150yrds),spot on, even found extra spots i did not know of.Thank you for the very fast secure dispatch.Highly recommended already told all my fishing buddies,thank`s again.Mark.
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10th of July 2012 03:57 PM by Lea from Wales
Arrived quickly. I havn't had a chance to use it yet but its looks the biz. Everthing nicely packaged. ordered an extra sonar for my spod rod(saves sending out the boat when i'm feature finding)
Thanks for the postage refund on the extra sonar will recommend to friends
Thanks. lea
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9th of June 2012 07:13 AM by Werner(Belgium bob)
Hi Mike
Took the fishfinder to a french gravelpit.Not an easy lake but a fish a day is possible.I had 26 up to 55 lb.My fishfinder worked perfect and has put me on the fish everytime.Its defo my best purchase this year and will tell all my friends about it.
grtz werner
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13th of April 2012 05:08 PM by jonathan davies (sparkyjon) website:
My mate put me onto this site as I've just bought a waverunner shuttle and really couldnt afford the waverunner graphic echo at £399.. well what can I say? I paid for next day delivery and it came the next day. Taken it to a local lake which I know the topography and it's nigh on spot on, the small discrepancy is probably because the marker float wasn't used right. Bit of an eye opener.. and what an easy set up to attatch to your boat..

If you have a bait boat this will be the best £108 you'll spend...
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27th of March 2012 11:02 AM by Kelly
Arrived within 1 day, Good quality finish and all as advertised.
Great communication with Mike, very helpful and informative.
Couldn't do enough to help.
Unlike a certain other company selling similar kit. (avoid them !!)
Thanks Mike.
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30th of December 2011 02:08 PM by Will Wheeler
Took delivery of Deluxe finder 2 weeks ago & have just put it through its paces againtst my mates mk 3 Microcat with factory fitted finder. It came back with flying colours, i.e. depth, detail & range. In fact, I consider it better as it shows water temperature and 4 choices of bottom detail which the factory one doesn't. I don't usually like recommending products, but value for money, build quality & service, anyone looking for a fish finder for their existing boat, or new one should check out Horizon.
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10th of November 2011 05:35 PM by Barrie greenwood website:
These finders are amazing: I was very sceptical after being bitten by cheap fishfinders before but i decided to risk it on the standard model and im so glad i did what a bit of kit !ive used it on two of my lakes now and the detail is spot on depth,temp weedbeds the lot is bang on the money
but i thought what about range so i sent my microcat out of sight almost could only just see it in the distance and still it was getting a reading from the sonar .
The build quality is very good to and fits to the rear of the microcat with a pad that is like velcro but a hell of a lot stronger .The guy selling them is really helpfull too i was not understanding the reading at first but he explanied it and its all good now easy really.
Dont be put off by the low price its fantasic it really is
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28th of June 2011 12:24 PM by Jamie Attwood
Top class product, spot on delivery and excellent customer service.If you need a finder then look no further, save your self hundreds compaired to the price charged by the manufacture's.
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10th of May 2011 12:59 PM by p.kemp
Ordered a fish finder turned up next day!! ace service. mike has all spares in stock as well all delivered at the same lighting speed. with excellant customer care. Top Tip; strip out a length of lead core and splice a loop at each end to tether sonar egg to boat antenna as a fail safe.
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26th of March 2011 06:39 PM by Martin
Just bought one of these fish finders and must say it looks a really nice bit of kit will be back on here in 2 weeks when i have used it and the price is spot on
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9th of March 2011 05:15 PM by dave clamp
product almost seems too good to be true i am going to buy one but website could do with a list of baitboats it fits and there position on the boat. great looking product though
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27th of February 2011 11:39 AM by Corey welham
Looks good to me and from a trusted seller, expect a cheque
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26th of February 2011 09:38 AM by colin bailey
great bit of kit and at the price every angler should have one. well done horizon
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23rd of February 2011 07:00 PM by Andy Armstrong
A well laid out site with good pictures. I will be buying one of your finders in the Spring.